Standing Rock Can Be a Foundation


Women and girls from the Colorado River Indian tribes dance after arriving at a protest encampment near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

More on the capacity for well-tuned civic actions to expand and to inform broader movements. From Solnit at the

What’s happening at Standing Rock feels like a new civil rights movement that takes place at the confluence of environmental and human rights and grows from the last 60 years of lived experience in popular power and changing the world. This is already a movement with national solidarity – there were support demonstrations in San Francisco and Tulsa, Oklahoma, among other places – and a national day of action is scheduled for Tuesday.

Many involved in the climate movement see it as a human rights movement or a movement inseparable from human rights. Indigenous people have played a huge role, as the people in many of the places where extracting and transporting fossil fuel take place, as protectors of particular places and ecosystems from rivers to forests, from the Amazon to the Arctic, as people with a strong sense of the past and the future, of the deep time in which short-term profit turns into longterm damage, and of the rights of the collective over individual profit. All these forces are antithetical to capitalism, and it to them.

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I'm a civic engagement strategist working in Seattle and New York, helping organizations build communities and persuade audiences on issues of climate, democracy, and social justice.
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