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“Seek Truth and Report It”

Fact Checking, Verification & Fake News, from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, is a trove of advice, resources, and guidelines for identifying various forms of “fake news.” Well-sourced and streamlined for functionality, the site should be a regular resource for … Continue reading

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Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

Well-priced in print and an absolute steal online, Democracy is worth reading and supporting. A fantastic resource covering big, important ideas with sharp, insightful commentary. Use it!

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Resources: 10 Sites to Follow

A pretty useful list (with caveats, as always). It’s a good time to be sampling new sources of news that you want to have in your regular diet. Reading frequently and carefully is a great American traditional and, once again, … Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Change

Far-reaching freelancer Lindsey Beyerstein (late of Majikthise, HuffPo, InTheseTimes, and more, now commenting at her Facebook page), makes a great point: Lindsay Beyerstein Yesterday at 10:51am · The Women’s March dwarfed the Taxpayer’s March on Washington, which marked the Tea Party’s … Continue reading

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Resources: She Should Run

She Should Run—A brilliant and forward-thinking organization focusing on a key leverage point in changing our politics: encouraging women to run for office. From their site: We provide the spark for women’s political careers by inspiring more women to consider … Continue reading

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Yes! Let’s!

For why, see my previous post. Via FB on 1/21/17.

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From the Streets to the Coffee Shops

I studied and wrote about the Tea Party for the better part of five years. The protests today—how they came about, how they brought distinct political interest groups together, how they connected first-time protesters—echo very closely the nascent Tea Party … Continue reading

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