Setting the Stage for Change

Far-reaching freelancer Lindsey Beyerstein (late of Majikthise, HuffPo, InTheseTimes, and more, now commenting at her Facebook page), makes a great point:

Lindsay Beyerstein

The Women’s March dwarfed the Taxpayer’s March on Washington, which marked the Tea Party’s debut as a national political force.

The Tea Party remade the GOP in its image and won elections.

If the same percentage of Women’s Marchers stay active and organized and leverage their passion into electing progressive Democrats, the potential is unlimited.

There’s been a strong and sound discourse around next steps following Saturday’s Women’s Marches, and many organizations and individuals are jumping right into followup actions, which is great. Building networks that can sustain and amplify those actions will be key. Sounds like it’s possible, and civic-minded small-d democrats need to make that happen.

About cjlingle

I'm a civic engagement strategist working in Seattle and New York, helping organizations build communities and persuade audiences on issues of climate, democracy, and social justice.
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