Presidential Paranoia and the News

Always read Dr. David Greenberg. At The American Prospect, David offers a tight, accurate snapshot of the Republican vituperation toward news media from its most paranoid poles, Nixon and Trump. The piece, like David’s books and writing generally, is very good at identifying consequential historical patterns, with sharp observations linking the long view to the crackling present. Follow David’s work to add depth and context to your own projects and understanding.

… In 2017, the news media command considerably less authority than they once did to set the news agenda, arbitrate disputes over public issues, or even establish a common standard of what we ought to be discussing. Seeing that weakness, Trump appears to believe that he doesn’t need the mainstream media the way his predecessors did—and that when it comes to raw, open warfare with the journalists who cover him, he has nothing to lose. Whether he is right or wrong will depend on the performance of the press in the next four years. …

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I'm a civic engagement strategist working in Seattle and New York, helping organizations build communities and persuade audiences on issues of climate, democracy, and social justice.
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