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The LA Times Brings the Pain

The LA Times has launched a potent and incisive series examining the many severe limitations and burgeoning problems of the Trump administration. On on hand, one might be surprised that an organization—even a tough-minded editorial board in America’s second largest city—could make … Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Change

Far-reaching freelancer Lindsey Beyerstein (late of Majikthise, HuffPo, InTheseTimes, and more, now commenting at her Facebook page), makes a great point: Lindsay Beyerstein Yesterday at 10:51am · The Women’s March dwarfed the Taxpayer’s March on Washington, which marked the Tea Party’s … Continue reading

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Fired Up

The message coming from black activists, leaders, and commentators is explicit: For people of color, America is a police state. For those of us who don’t perceive that on a day-to-day basis, it’s time to listen, and to follow the … Continue reading

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Perspective After Dallas

There will many precarious consequences emanating from the Dallas attack tonight. News media are already hyping the need for increased militarism among police, and the “unfortunate” necessity that protest is going to be much more dangerous, that it will “change … Continue reading

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