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Presidential Paranoia and the News

Always read Dr. David Greenberg. At The American Prospect, David offers a tight, accurate snapshot of the Republican vituperation toward news media from its most paranoid poles, Nixon and Trump. The piece, like David’s books and writing generally, is very good … Continue reading

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PNW Scientists Organizing for a Diverse, Active Scientific Community

One of the most inspiring things about the current political moment is the wide and far-reaching creation of new civic and political groups. This Seattle chapter of the national group 500 Women Scientists recently launched with a strong kickstarter campaign and is … Continue reading

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Native Power and Insight: Essential for What Lies Ahead

Protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, in North Dakota, on Saturday. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBYN BECK / AFP / GETTY The fact that a corporation sicced dogs on protesters should give everyone a chill. The broader reality of the situation is … Continue reading

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Peace is Engaged Understanding

Snagged from FB.

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Justice Sotomayor Calls It

Democracy Rock Star Dahlia Lithwick at Slate delivers the goods on Justice Sotomayor’s urgent messaging embedded in recent SCOTUS rulings: “We must not pretend that the countless people who are routinely targeted by police are ‘isolated.’ They are the canaries … Continue reading

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